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Brendan Murphy (B 1971 - ) is a world renowned contemporary artist whose works are found in prominent private collections and public displays around the world. Famous collectors include Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Larry Page, Warren Buffett, Ryan Gosling, Grant Cardone among many others.

Since his early career, Brendan has blended abstract and figurative forms to reveal meaning with deeper contemplations through his sculpture and painting pieces. Brendan believes it is in art’s potential where we can most universally transmit positive energy. He recognizes the effect this energy, when experienced as a collective, can have on society as a whole. 


In 2021, Brendan founded the Boonji Project and did his first NFT drop of the Boonji Avatars. It became the biggest NFT primary sale in history. He is also the man behind “Frozen with Desire” sculpture. A 42” spaceman covered in 6,200 responsibly sourced diamonds with a total weight of 517-carats. In 2022, he also installed a 13' Boonji Spaceman sculpture in Minute Maid Park Stadium, home of the Houston Astros baseball team. 

Brendan currently works from his studio in Miami, FL. 

The sculptural work of Brendan Murphy communicates a rare perspective on the modern human experience through explorations of form, color, language, and universal symbols. Thematically, Brendan Murphy explores the interplay of beauty, power and the need to understand the source of all the energies of life.


The inspirations of the work; formulas, equations, relationships; create a pictorial spectrum of human emotion and the unifying natures of shared humanity. Through the layering of these emblems, Brendan Murphy’s painted works boldly portray careful imagery and density of the human experience, exposing the deep natural beauty that surface in this fragile balance.

Solo Shows, Art Fairs and Public Installs: 


Unveil of 7'- Foot "VAMOS" sculpture at the Rafa Nadal Academy, Majorca

Solo Show - DTR, Boston 

Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary - Carousel Fine Art 


Install of 13'Foot Boonji Spaceman at the Minute Maid Park Stadium, Houston

Solo Show - "LFG" - 7to8 Gallery in Hamburg, Germany 

Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary - Nicole McGraw Fine Art


Install of 19-Foot Boonji Spaceman - The Arx, London 

Art Miami - Nicole McGraw Fine Art

Diamond Boonji Spaceman Unveil - Saks Fifth Avenue, NY

Solo Show - Samuel Owen Gallery, Nantucket 

Install of 22-Foot Boonji Spaceman - Hodges Bay, Antigua 

Norton Museum of Art - Sotheby's Online Auction


Art Miami Virtual - Contessa Gallery 

"96% Stardust" - Solo Show - Haviland Reed

"Timing is Everything" - Solo Show - Nicole Henry Fine Art

Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary - Contessa Gallery


Art Miami - Contessa Gallery

"Internal Reflection" - Solo Show - Contessa Gallery, Cleveland

"RBTH" - Solo Show - Maddox Gallery, London

Art Central Hong Kong - Maddox Gallery

Art Palm Beach - Contessa Gallery

Art Wynwood - Contessa Gallery


Art Palm Beach - Contessa Gallery

Art Wynwood - Contessa Gallery

Solo Show - Contessa Fine Art Gallery, Palm Beach 

Art New York - Contessa Gallery

Art Market Hamptons - Contessa Gallery

Art Miami - Contessa Gallery


“The next step” -  Monika Olko Gallery, Sag Harbor

“From here to the moon” - Art:ig , Munich

Palm Beach Art Fair - Nicole Henry Fine Art

“Bloom” – Monika Olko Gallery , Sag Harbour, NY
“Lets take a walk” – Family House, San Francisco
“Stay” – Galleria Ca’ D’ Oro’, New York City
“ Nole XL” – Unveil at the Rio Museum of Modern


“Punks and Poets” – Event Farm, Santa Monica, CA
“Situations” – KM Fine Arts, Los Angeles CA


Open House at Eagles Watch studios


Art in Motion, 483 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Art in Motion, Ireland Galleries, Toronto, Canada
Love and all her friends, 483 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


“Lovers and thieves”, Costas Gallery , Art Basel, Miami, FL
“Salute to Joe Strummer”, Atelier Building, Manhattan NY
“The beat my heart skipped”, Village Hotel, Yountville , CA


“Standing still under the Waterfall”, Solfire Roving Gallery, Miami , FL
“Chasing Butterflies”, Solfire Roving Gallery, New York, NY


Open house at Raven’s Eye Studios, Malibu, CA


“To the end of the earth and back again” – Solfire Roving Gallery, Calgary, CA
“To the end of the earth and back again” – Solfire Roving Gallery, Southampton, NY
“To the end of the earth and back again” – Solfire Roving Gallery, STK , NY, NY
“To the end of the earth and back again” – Solfire Roving Gallery, ICON , Miami FL


“The Magic Garden”  – Palm Galleries, Boca Raton


“What its like beyond the moon”, Valmorbida Gallery , NY, NY


“Beyond Infatuation” – K.H . Gallery , New York, , NY
Open House studio, Culver City, Los Angeles, Ca
Solo Show, Neue Gallery, Berlin Germany



Brendan Murphy Group Shows:


Southampton Art Fair, Southampton, New York


Art Miami, KM Fine Arts


Art Miami, KM Fine Arts
Silicon Valley Art Expo, KM Fine arts,  San Jose, CA


Silicon Valley Art expo, 483 Gallery, San Jose, CA


Scope, Art Basel, Gallery 10g, Miami, FL
Scope, Southampton, Gallery 10g, Southampton, Ny

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