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Boonji Project is a collection of 11,111 unique digital Non-Fungible Tokens launched on the Ethereum blockchain created by world-renowned artist Brendan Murphy.


In October 2021, the Boonji Avatar drop surpassed $15.5 million in its Dutch Auction Primary Sale, making the project as the largest NFT primary sale in history. 


The Boonji  Project is a culmination of Brendan’s body of work from the physical world. He has taken his paintings and sculptures over the course of his career and translated them into digital images. Each Avatar is created through this process. The backgrounds of the avatars come from his paintings while the Avatar comes from Brendan’s Boonji Spaceman sculptures. This is the first time an artist has taken their entire body of work from the physical world to create an avatar project.

You can find the Boonji Project NFT avatars actively trading on OpenSea.

For further information please visit the official Boonji Project website and follow Boonji on social media.  

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