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  • Jamie Alarian

Brendan Visits Google Headquarters in Paris!

June 1, 2014 – Paris, FR – While in Paris Brendan had the unique opportunity to visit the Google headquarters. Home to the Google Cultural Institute, Google Paris succeeds in it’s mission to make culture more accessible with initiatives such as the Digital Dead Sea Scrolls and Google Art Project, providing high resolution tours of many of the world’s greatest museums and their collections. In addition, Google Paris has recently established an artists in residency program, which has given support to young artists pursuing fascinating and culturally relevant projects.

In regards to his visit, Murphy states, “Having been to both Mountain View and now the Paris headquarters, it’s pretty clear that Google is absolutely dialed into changing how we do things. The Cultural Institute is providing a runway of support for some talented creative artists, and based on what I saw there, those artists are taking full advantage of the opportunity given to them. The Paris headquarters was designed more for the artist than a techie, it was really enjoyable to be around that kind of energy”.

Brendan continues to nurture a working relationship with Google and their teams of engineers and artists.

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