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Happy 2016 – Update

Happy New Year

Just wanted to give you an update on Brendan Murphy Art and the exciting events planned for 2016.

Brendan has been working very intensely in his Malibu studio since early December. This studio session will probably finish in early February. Brendan is exploring some new concepts and techniques during his intense 2 month stint in his Malibu studio.

Here are a couple samples:

But Brendan did take a few days to visit the Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA, where he was directly invited by Google execs to go in late at night and cover their huge whiteboards with his formulas. The experiment was designed to try and connect with the coders and programmers at Google with their more creative and emotional side. Brendan worked until 5 a.m. at Google headquarters leaving a big surprise for the Googlers when they returned to work the next day.

Click on the photo to see the video:

That said, 2016 will feature a solid list of exhibitions throughout the year in a number of different cites (stay tuned for full schedule).

– Brendan will feature his work in a solo exhibition at the Nicole Henry Art Gallery in Palm beach, Florida on April 1st

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