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  • Irene Bagach

Brendan Murphy outperforms at Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Art Fair

Together with Nicole Henry Fine Art, Brendan’s Palm Beach based art dealer, Brendan’s work was the hit of the weekend long art fair on January 12-15th.

Brendan’s Chalkboard “Portrait” paintings drew the most attention and new collectors snatched up the works throughout the weekend. Nicole Henry’s well curated gallery space drew a consistent crowd throughout the weekend and was the top seller over the course of the show.

“The energy of the show was consistent throughout the weekend and the interest in collecting was awesome, I felt like Palm Beach really had a healthy desire for interesting work”, said Brendan.

Brendan will unveil his new spaceman sculpture in the coming month and will return to Palm Beach and the Nicole Henry Fine Art gallery for a solo show the weekend of March 3rd.

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