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  • Irene Bagach

New Partnership with Contessa Gallery & Art Basel

The Contessa Gallery is one of the top galleries in the U.S., led by the highly respected art dealer Steve Hartman. Contessa is based in Cleveland but recently opened their new gallery on Palm Beach Island at 247 Worth Avenue. Brendan’s work will be featured in Palm Beach gallery throughout the year.

“Steve Hartman and the Contessa Gallery provide me the opportunity to really focus on creating impactful and dynamic works. They have tremendous respect for their artists and for the clients that collect and support the artist. I think it’s going to be a very exciting winter”

Art Basel week was a great success! Brendan's chalkboard portrait series and the DNA fingerprints were showcased at Art Miami, Contessa gallery booth #A137A. The powerful 7 foot Boonji spaceman sculpture was also unveiled and received a lot of attention - #MeetMeAtTheSpaceman

Connect with Brendan on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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