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  • Irene Bagach

News Update from Camp Murphy

Brendan and his family have been displaced by the Malibu fires. The house survived but the community of Zuma beach has been devastated.

Brendan and the whole family have relocated to Florida for the next month until they are allowed back into Malibu.

Brendan will now focus on preparing for Art Miami which will take place in December 4 - 9. He will show his work with Contessa Gallery, who represents him in the US, at Booths #139A & #139B. VIP Preview will take place on December 4th. Please contact if you'd like to get some VIP passes for Art Miami.

Brendan will unveil some impressive new work both on canvas and sculptures - the Water Drop Series, the War and Peace Soldier Series, and some impactful new works on canvas.

Another exciting news is Brendan has been named featured artist for Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Mars Conference in March 2019. So stay tuned!

Brendan’s Boonji Spaceman have progressed as well with the addition of his formulas and equations permanently written all over them.

The new piece below is 'Don’t be Scared' 72" x 60”

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