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  • Irene Bagach

Brendan Murphy Reaches New Price Levels At Art Miami 2018

Brendan’s work was the hit of the show again at Art Miami. His work was featured exclusively with Steve Hartman at Contessa Fine Art and created a real buzz throughout the week. His sculpture and canvas work both sold at new higher price levels.

Brendan unveiled the new “War and Peace“ yoga soldier series. Featuring a large life size soldier in a custom crafted steel and tempered glass box. The first of which sold for over $180,000. The smaller size yoga soldiers sold out the first edition of 15 pieces at $17,000 a piece.

“I'm trying to make impactful work, part of that process is focusing on the craftsmanship and presentation, both of which I thought was top notch this year. Fortunately, collectors felt the same way and responded positively".

Brendan also unveiled a new 7' BOONJI Spaceman in a beautiful gradient amber gold with black formulas. That piece sold for a new high of $150,000.

Brendan works on canvas also pushed his price levels up and sold over 12 different paintings.

On January 10th Brendan’s work will be featured at Art Palm Beach 2019 and again in mid February at Art Wynwood. Brendan said “I plan to show some really exciting new stuff and try to keep pushing myself to make really genuine work".

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