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New Partnership with Maddox Gallery and Art Basel Hong Kong

It's been a while since we shared an update but there's been some exciting news and developments since the last post.

Most recently, Brendan has developed a new partnership with the Maddox Galleries based in London. Maddox has 6 different galleries and holds a large presence at many of the leading art fairs. "I'm excited to work with Maddox gallery, they offer me access to a new collector base and a few more art fairs".

In March, Brendan showed his work at the Art Central show in Hong Kong with Maddox Gallery. The show was a big success and most of Brendan's work sold in the first few hours, including the large BOONJI Spaceman sculpture. Demand for Brendan's work continues to increase, including his prices.

In addition, Brendan just sold a collection of works to a major collector in India!

Going forward Brendan will do a solo show in London in late June early July, directly in line with the Wimbledon Championships. He will also show with Steve Hartman and Contessa Gallery at the Art Market show in Bridgehampton, NY in July. Brendan will be moving his family and studio to Florida later this summer as well, syncing up both his painting studio and sculpture studio all in one state. Brendan has incorporated the chroming technique with some new technologies and styles so keep an eye out for some new cool works - new paintings, sculptures, etc. It should be an exciting summer!

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