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  • Irene Bagach

Brendan Gives a Talk at SpartanX Leadership Forum

Back in August, Brendan gave a fascinating talk at SpartanX Leadership Forum (SXLF), held in Anaheim, California. Spartan, which was founded by Jo De Sena in 2007, has changed 5 million lives to date, and they are on a mission to do the same for business communities globally. Teams of the world’s leading tech companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook attended the event. Brendan was invited to talk about his life and career and share insights into how he became a successful artist he is today. He talked to Lonnie Mayne about the power of changing your perspective when it comes to problem solving, doing pivots and the benefits of having mentors. Brendan also engaged and inspired the audience by sharing his life philosophy of ‘embracing the unknown’ and having a ‘no-ceiling’ approach to life. Click below to watch the talk.

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