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  • Irene Bagach

New Exciting Partnership with Art Angels

We are very pleased to announce that Brendan has just started a new partnership with Art Angels. Art Angels was founded in 2013, by Jacquelin Napal and Kat Emery, and today is a major player in the art industry and Los Angeles creative sphere. Art Angels features a beautiful flagship gallery in Los Angeles on Beverly Drive and will host a solo exhibition with Brendan in 2020.

'Rush" 72"x 60", 2020 - Oil and acrylic on a silver based chrome (mirrored) board

Art Angels are extremely excited to work with Brendan and describe him "as one of the most exciting on-the-rise art stars worldwide" and an "artist you should be collecting now"!

In a Press Release, the gallery made the following announcement about the upcoming installation by Brendan at Art Angels:

Los Angeles, CA ... May 7, 2020 -- A Window Into Your Soul. Symbols that provoke curiosity, messages that promote thought and equations that signify the complexities of the inner heart. Such is the compelling swirl of paintings, sculptures and concept pieces emerging from the studio of L.A.-based Brendan Murphy. Charged with color and immediacy, his work explores the abstruse nature of the human spectrum of emotion--musing on everything from fear and uncertainty to the random and sometimes nonsensical decisions of the heart—demanding an awareness and dialogue with viewers.

'Touch' 72" x 60", 2020 - Oil, acrylic, and gouache on silver based chrome board

Works by Brendan Murphy are currently on view online and by appointment starting May 11, 2020 through Art Angels LA located at 9020 Beverly Blvd, Unit B West Hollywood, CA 90048.

The gallerists have additionally created an exhibition preview for collectors with price information which you can access by clicking HERE.

'Stardust' 72" x 60", 2020 - Oil acrylic and gouache on silver based chrome panel

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