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  • Irene Bagach

Brendan is Set to Rock the World with his First NFT Project

We are so thrilled to share that Brendan Murphy has teamed up with digital art pioneers Jupiter Group to launch the insanely cool Boonji Project - Brendan’s first NFT (non-fungible token) art endeavor. In doing so, Brendan is joining the ranks of pioneers in the digital art space that include Damien Hirst, Tom Sachs and Beeple Crap (who recently made history with his record-smashing NFT sale).

Brendan’s collaboration with the Jupiter Group, co-founded by Nicole McGraw and Greg Norman, brought the Boonji Project to life - it comprises 11,111 digital avatars merging the physical with the digital world. This project is a culmination of Brendan’s body of work from the physical world. He has taken his paintings and sculptures over the course of his career and translated them into digital images. Each Avatar is created through this process. The backgrounds of the avatars come from his paintings while the Avatar comes from Brendan’s Boonji Spaceman sculptures. This is the first time an artist has taken their entire body of work from the physical world to create an avatar project.

Brendan said: “We are entering a whole new world and the most exciting part of this digital art journey is the Boonji community on Discord and Twitter.” It is like nothing I have ever seen before - the creative energy in the chats is driving the momentum, and I am humbled and inspired to be part of this wild and unexpected ride into the metaverse."

Each avatar is randomly generated reflecting Murphy’s recognizable Boonji Spaceman sculptures, with each unique digital background incorporating elements from Murphy’s most coveted paintings. The spaceman Avatars will be created by customers “minting” the NFT at the time of sale. For technical speak, “minting” is the term used to describe the transfer of ownership from buyer to seller for the first time on the blockchain. The buyer will not know exactly which avatar they are purchasing and that is the fun part about it. By being a part of the minting process, collectors have a chance to obtain a very rare Boonji avatar.

This has the potential to be the largest avatar drop in history. The Boonji Project has close to 100,000 members and over 2,600 server boosters, which is a significant success marker!

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