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  • Irene Bagach

Fast Sneaks Project

Hi everyone, Wishing you all the best during the upcoming holiday season.

I want to share some exciting news!!

I am launching a new project called the FAST SNEAKS PROJECT.

I’ve spent the last two years designing the perfect sneaker for travel, going out and making it happen. I call it the HUSTLE sneaker. More importantly, it's an incredible new channel for my artwork to live and breathe.

Together with a good pal and collector Chris Harding we decided to launch Fast Sneaks. Chris and I both agreed that whatever we do, we will do this completely different than anyone else ever has! On December 7th we will launch the “Genesis” collection of Fast Sneaks, each pair featuring elements from my paintings. Each pair will be 1 of 1. Yes, that’s right 1 of 1… no two pairs are alike, much like the work I make in my studio.

Each purchase includes a digital collectible and a pair of 1 of 1 sneakers in a custom chrome box.

The actual mint will combine elements from Web2 and Web3 so each pair will live and register on the blockchain as an NFT, but you won’t need a wallet or crypto to participate.

I have written a number of algorithms which design your pair individually, so each one is really unique and a bit of a surprise as well.

I am offering a pre sale to all of my existing collectors.

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