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  • Irene Bagach

Fast Sneaks Project and Other News

Hi everyone!!! It’s been awhile so I thought I would send you and update on all things Brendan Murphy Art. I continue to be very busy in the studio, it’s my favorite place to be but balancing time with the family and my voracious appetite to make things is a challenge.

I am painting on canvas more than I have in a while and continue to design new sculptures, the new “Coming Out” spaceman - 75" tall - has been extremely well received!

Most exciting is my new art project called the Fast Sneaks Project! We launch on JUNE 7th. Check out this story which broke yesterday on Footwear News: How Artist Brendan Murphy Is Using AI to Revolutionize the Sneaker Collecting Experience. Basically, I’m bringing the same “one of one “ approach I have in the studio to the sneaker collectible world.

In 2023 I am very focused on really impactful projects, Fast Sneaks is one of them. Next I plan to install 4 huge (21’) spacemen around the world before this year ends.

None of these projects are possible without the support of my collectors, thank you for always being there!

Lots of news coming so apologies now for sending you too many emails .

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