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This originally appeared on The Source Site.

Artificial intelligence (AI), while often an enigmatic buzzword, is undeniably revolutionizing industries worldwide. One striking example is FAST Sneaks, the pioneering footwear brand harnessing AI’s potential. Their trailblazing vision brings an unprecedented transformation to the sneaker industry, infusing cutting-edge technology with the art of shoemaking. Let’s delve into the story behind the first-ever AI-based footwear brand, a venture poised to change the game for art collectors and sneaker enthusiasts alike.

Contemporary artist Brendan Murphy and seasoned art collector Christopher N. Harding see AI as the foundation of their innovative venture in the realm of footwear. Their brainchild, FAST Sneaks, uses AI not as a gimmick but as a fundamental tool to uphold product authenticity and provenance.

FAST Sneaks bursts onto the scene, poised to challenge the status quo of the crowded sneaker industry. The company, co-founded by Murphy and Harding, integrates technology-driven innovation into its fabric to introduce an unparalleled level of customization, crafting bespoke luxury products that transcend traditional expectations.

What truly sets a pair of FAST Sneaks apart is THE HUSTLE. A cool $2,000 price tag garners a unique, collectible one-of-one sneaker curated with a blend of art and technology. Every pair is a testament to individuality—no two are alike—encased in a hand-crafted Lucite display case. However, it’s not merely an exhibit for the shelf. Every purchase includes a wearable pair known as THE HUSTLE, available in limited-edition chalk and navy colors, crafted for the collector with a flair for street style.

The countdown to June 28, 2023, marks the launch of the debut collection of the FAST Sneaks Project, featuring one-of-one collectible sneakers designed by Brendan Murphy. Fusing the worlds of fine art and fashion, the collection showcases Murphy’s distinct artistic formulas. Each ‘rare pair’ becomes a unique work of art, narrating the diverse spectrum of human emotions through abstract figurative forms, formulas, and equations.

This creativity is further anchored by AI with the assistance of Alitheon, the maestros of AI authentication. Alitheon’s patented FeaturePrint® technology creates unique identifiers for items, similar to fingerprints for humans. This ensures irrefutable identification, authentication, and traceability, eliminating misidentification and misuse. Alitheon’s reputation in AI technology, backed by its 45 approved, gives FAST Sneaks an unprecedented edge in the marketplace.

The founders are exuberant about the launch. “FAST Sneaks represents the future and pushes the limits of technology at a pivotal time in the industry,” says Harding. “FAST Sneaks Project is the ultimate convergence of fine art, fashion, and footwear,” Murphy enthusiastically shares, who always envisioned making sneakers as one-of-ones.

The FAST Sneaks Project will be available for purchase exclusively at on the June 28th launch date. Though the $2,000 retail price may raise eyebrows, it remains competitive for true footwear aficionados. With Murphy and Harding at the helm, the future for FAST Sneaks looks bright and packed with collaborative ventures.

“We will launch it one day, and when the launch finishes, that will be the edition. We don’t have to make the shoes until we get the order. It’s very art-driven and collaborative,” Murphy explains. No stranger to success when challenging the limits in generative art and utility, Murphy’s record-breaking Boonji Project is one of the biggest primary NFT sales of all time and a perfect example of the power of community.

FAST Sneaks is paving the way for an intriguing future where fine art, AI technology, and fashion converge to create something revolutionary. For sneakerheads and art collectors alike, the countdown has begun.

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